The Basics

What is "Nuli!Nuli!"? is a lightweight mobile and web platform for Mandarin Chinese learning that suits your understanding level automatically. It combines an adaptive learning system based on narrow-focused suggestions and building on textbooks you're using, so that you can learn words quickly and efficiently, to read Chinese more fluently while practicing.

What does "Nuli!Nuli!" mean?

Nuli!Nuli! writes as 努力!努力! It means "to strive", "to work hard". This is one of the very first sentences most people hear from their Chinese teachers (usually when homework is not up to expectations). For us, it means learning Chinese is no genious, it just needs hard work and dedication. Our goal is to make it more efficient, mainly by taking care of everything that is not actually "leaning" (tracking vocab, creating exercises, finding interesting content), and by making it focused (through suggestion, adaptive learning and a new kind of Space Repetition System to stop forgetting)

What's the best way to improve my Chinese with "Nuli!Nuli!"?

"Nuli!Nuli!" is a kind of learning machine, so the more you use it, the closest to your needs the suggestions will be. Micro-learning proved to work very well. A couple of minutes several times a day is better than nothing, even for very busy people! Use every single "waiting" moment (cantine, transportation, queue at the supermarket…). It can add up to several hundreds of words or characters at the end of the month.

Why is it important to track your vocabulary to read Chinese?

Tracking Chinese vocabulary can help you:

Why should I use "Nuli!Nuli!"?

We adapt the effort to your level

In Chinese, if you don't know a character, most of the time you can't read it aloud, and looking it up in the dictionary is pretty long. Then you get an example sentence that may be too difficult to understand, and similar or related words you don't even know if they are worth learning. Nuli!Nuli! allows instant look up, adapt the example sentences to your level, tells you which related items you know, are learning or should learn. You won't spend 45 min on each paragraph of an online article to look up for words anymore You'll start learning the useful ones directly.

We are here to create more learning time for you.

We don't waste your time. We use the textbooks you use. We tell you which frequent words you are missing. We map how ready your vocabulary is for national or international exams. You can preview or review vocab from your classes and books. You can change books, schools and teachers, and show exactly what you know and want to learn. So you save time, money, efforts. You focus on learning.

We guide you, but eventually you are the one who chooses.

Everything you do adds to the how we'll suggest you what you do next. It's like having an updated Lego instruction manual with you all the time. It lists all the bricks you have, what exact next step you need to do to achieve the building of your "fluency master-piece". But you can also decide to build whatever you want depending on your mood, available time, changing goals or side projects. Anyway, we don't waste your time learning words that are too easy or too hard. And like Lego, it's always fun!

We don't let you forget or get bored.

It's not just about flashcards. It's not just about out-of-context or in-context sentence mining. It's absolutely not about SRS parameters. We know most people learn from several sources (courses, movies, friends, chats, immersion, travel, music…). Until now, it seemed impossible to maintain your level, especially when you don't even have time for 1-hour lesson a week (busy people find it challenging to commit, and not so useful if they can't study in-between). Forever new content, micro-learning, adaptive suggestions… Nuli!Nuli! will keep you in the game.

Will the words I learn appear on the HSK/YCT/BCT exams?

It's very likely that the words you learn on Nuli!Nuli! are pretty frequent in academic and real-life content we suggest. And the HSK/YCT/BCT corpus are built that way. But whatever your learning path, textbook, or teacher, you can always check instantly your readiness as regards most common exam lists. It's in the Textbook/Corpus sections.

Will "Nuli!Nuli!" prepare me for the HSK and improve my score?

Nuli!Nuli! is the perfect learning tool to prepare you for the HSK. The HSK is very challenging in terms of time management. You need to read, and read FAST (and from HSK3, you don't have pinyin anymore). Learning the vocabulary words that often appear within HSK through the provided lists will help you improve your score. In addition, Nuli!Nuli! practice section was designed to mix both learning exercises and HSK-like exercises, focusing on characters recognition, meaning understanding, sentence structure, fast reading … and soon with audio, too.

How can I best use "Nuli!Nuli!" to prepare for the HSK or another exam?

The best way to learn vocabulary with Nuli!Nuli! is to work a little bit each day. Start today, just a couple of minutes a day (could be 2 words each time you step in the subway!) and after just a couple of weeks you'll see that hundreds of words have piled up. You can focus then on missing items using directly the exam lists we provide. Grammar and syntax are naturally included inside the sentences you drill through. Don't get paranoid about grammar.

I need to learn a specific list of words. Can "Nuli!Nuli!" help me?

Yes, we can. Just use the "Explain text" feature, copy paste it, and click "Explain this". We'll assess where you stand when you start. You can add them easily to your learning list, and items will be integrated in the suggested learning or reviewing sessions. You know what? In fact, it works with anything you can copy and paste (email, poem, speech, news article, etc). On mobile or tablet, just use Voice Input to do it for anything you hear around you!

Why should I create an account?

When you create an account and sign in, you'll be able to learn words tailored to your level, gain achievements, track your progress on each individual word, view your total word learning progress, send feedback or ask for features, and much more! Create an account now to enjoy these unique features. Paying account will also get suggestions of content on top of suggestions of exercises and words to learn.

How do I sign up?

It's super-easy to sign up. All you need to do is click "Sign Up" in the top-bar of the website. If you'd like to be able to log with your Facebook or email account, please let us know through the feedback form.

How do I log in?

Click "Log In" in the top-bar of the site.

What if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password, please enter your email address on the Forgot Password page. We will send you an email with a link to reset your password.

What is the "Weekly shot of Hanyu" email? (soon)

The Weekly shot of Hanyu contains a question that is chosen based the last items you learned, in case you did not have time to log in and review. It's a good idea to use the Weekly shot of Hanyu to remind you to do a little work with Nuli!Nuli! each week. Remember, micro-learning works!

How do I sign up for the "Weekly shot of Hanyu" email? (soon)

We respect your privacy and will only start sending it if you voluntarily activate it in your account section.

How do I unsubscribe from the "Weekly shot of Hanyu" email? (soon)

At the bottom of each email is a link to unsubscribe. Click on the link, and then confirm that you are unsubscribing.


How do you know what words to teach me?

Every question that you answer gives us a better understanding of the words that you know and those you don't. So as you answer more questions, we have a better idea of what words to test you on. As you miss questions or elect to choose a hint, we know you're still not quite there yet.

Can I choose the words I learn?

Yes! You have two –well, three- choices:

  1. 1. Add a word to your learning queue: Normally, we choose words for you automatically based on your vocabulary frequency. But if you'd like to give us a hint, you can click the "Learning" button to add it to your learning items' list. It means you know this word may be part of your goal. You can do this by clicking on any word then "Mark as learning", or do several items in one time by using the "All -> Learning" that will apply to grey items.
  2. Use the textbooks / exams lists: We have prepared them for you, so you don't have to input them.
  3. 3. Selecting a specific list of words to be tested on: It's something we have in mind but are not sure you'd really use it. If so, please contact us.

Why do I keep seeing the same questions over and over again?

If you get a question wrong, we'll give it to you again after a little while. We'll keep giving you the question until you get it right. This way we can make sure you can answer that question correctly and learn that meaning of the word.

Another possibility is that we only have a very limited number of example sentences for this specific word.

What are the various achievements I can get?

We are stil thinking about games, incentives and rewards. If you have any thoughts to share about that, feel free to contact us

Is there a way to reset my words?

You can use the button "Remove" to remove an item from your "Learning items" and "Learned items" lists.

As for more "massive" reseting options, we don't recommend you do this, but if you feel that you'd like to start the learning process over (if for example, your dad accidentally used your account, and now all the words you are learning are too hard for you), you can reset your lists by contacting us.

Explain This

What makes Nuli!Nuli! so fast?

Since there are no ads, the pages render faster, and there are no distractions keeping you from learning. Also, we use AJAX to load the next features you may use in the site before you even click on them, so

What makes Nuli!Nuli! so slow?

Bad luck or bad internet connection. We don't see any other viable answer. You may find it slower than a built-in app from Apple Store or the Google play store, but you get more updates, no synchronization issues, no version incompatibility etc. At the end you same time.

How does the "Explain this" work?

Copy and paste any text within this area, then click on "Explain this". The text will be segmented and color-coding based on your very personal list of learning and learned items.

On mobile or tablet, you can use handwriting or even Voice recognition to fill in the "Explain this" field.

I can't find a particular word in your dictionary. What can I do?

We've captured the most commonly searched-for words in our dictionary, in addition to the most commonly appearing standardized test words. We're constantly refining the dictionary, and will be adding more words on a regular basis.

How do the usage examples work?

A great way to learn vocabulary words is to see the word in context. We've created a system that gives you "Example Sentences" based on the words you know or are learning. This way, your dictionary evolves and becomes more complicated when you reach a more advanced level. The era where you were looking up for one word and ended up with five other ones you didn't know is over!

How do I hear a word's pronunciation?

Right now, you can't. We are implementing this feature. However, a words pronunciation alons won't help you unless you specifically need the tones of each word. Focusing on frequent sentences patterns using this word is far more efficient.

Corpus Lists

What is a Corpus?

A Corpus is what it sounds like, a list of vocabulary words and expressions. It can be proposed from a textbook, a national or international exam, specific topics etc.

How do I make a Corpus?

Currently, you can't. If you want to add one that is not listed, send it to us directly by contacting us

How do I make a list automatically from a large amount of text?

Copy and Paste the text into the "Explain this!" field and press the "Explain this" button. You can then use the buttons "All → Learning" and "All → Learned".

How do I alphabetize my vocabulary list?

It's not possible at the moment. We preferred a chronological order for "Learning items" and "Learned items", and frequency is used to sort lists generated from our various features.

How can I print my vocabulary list?

You can print any view from the site as you would do with an ordinary webpage.

Can I copy the text of a vocabulary list?

Sure. Copy-Pasting works everywhere on the website.

Why is there no title in the lessons of textbooks?

We consider "Nuli!Nuli!" to be a complement to learning through textbooks with a teacher. In any case, to protect the copyrights of the authors of these books, We made the lists available and understandable for people who actually own the book, or at least want to check the difficulty of the vocabulary within before buying the books. In both cases, the title of the lessons does not matter. With titles, people may be tempted to work on vocabulary lists without buy – and benefiting- from the dialogues, grammar, exercices and more that are bundled to constitute these books.

How do I delete a word?

On any word, use the button "Remove". If you want to remove a lot of them and individual clicks seem to be too much, contact us.

My Progress

How do I see a list of the words I'm learning?

In the "My account," section, click on "My learning items". Currently, words are listed chronologically (the newest first).

How do I see a list of the words I've learned?

In the "My account," section, click on "My learned items". Currently, words are listed chronologically (the newest first). Under the Stats section, you'll see a chart of your words mastered progress.

How many questions have I played so far?

That's the kind of stats we are developing right now.

How do I see my points earning history?

Points, achievements and rewards are currently under development. If you have specific ideas about what you'd, feel free to contact us.

My Account

Who can see My Profile?

Currently, only admin can see the profiles of other learners. If you have specific ideas about what you'd want as social features, feel free to contact us.

What's on My Profile page?

Not much for now. The list of items you learned, and your statistics. We are not a dating agency.

How do I change my password or email address?

Go to the "My Account" page. Under the "Personal details" tab, you can change your email address, your password, and your name and any other personal information.

Where do I set my email preferences?

For now, you can unsubscribe directly with the link at the bottom of the emails you receive.